YouthAidtechinstitute in partnership with Monloff HK

A Four weeks IT, Media and Programming Fellowship(Batch 1)

🌹About the course

This 4 weeks virtual and on-site course introduces computer programming, graphics, media engineering, and computer science concepts to students with little to no experience in programming or other IT areas.

🌹Course includes:

📌Lectures taught by professional Programmers in Python, international expert, media and graphic designer

📌Interactive breakout room sessions with peers

📌Introductions to beginner coding topics including conditionals, loops, big O notation, dictionaries, strings, and arrays

📌Industry advice and support for students just beginning their coding journey

📌Access to paid internships placement

🌹Avaliable Courses:

📌Corel draw
📌Photography and Cinematography
📌Starting your own business
📌Content writing, Copywriting, digital marketing

✅Intro to JavaScript
✅Data Analytics
✅How to start your business
✅Content Writing, Copywriting, digital marketing

📖Mobile App Development
📖JavaScript advanced
📖Data Analytics
📖How to start your own business

🌹Who should apply?

You Should Take This Course If…

✅You want to improve or acquire new skills
✅You are interested in computer science but need a place to start your training that will help you decide if this is the right major to pursue
✅Want to apply for job in finance, academia, IT, or other fields which requires this knowledge
✅You could use the confidence boost, hands-on practice, and support to get a sense of what it would be like to work in the coveted field of software engineering
✅You can commit to attending three class sessions per week and doing about 2-4 hours of work outside class time each week

🌹Other Important Details

📌Admission closes on Friday, April 29, 2023.
📌Registration and account opening for enrolled students on Saturday, April 30th, 2023
📌Classes begin on the week of Monday May 2, 2023
📌Certification and Recommendation (June 2023)
📌International placement and mentorship (June 2023)
📌Students must attend at least half of the class sessions per week
📌All students must complete a weekly assessment

🌹Class Schedule

📌Attendance is mandatory regardless of your current time zone.
📌CSS, HTML, and Python class times (2x/week):
📌Data: Coding, entry, analysis class(2x/week)
📌Media and cinematography (2x/week)
📌Starting your own business (for all students, 1x/week by our international partners)…. Other information are kept for the enrolled students. Visit the link below to register as soon as possible.